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Shravan Kumar's Philosophy

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Indian Clothes Designer - Shravan Kumar's Philosophy
Shravan Kumar's Philosophy
07 th Jul 2012

Frome the ramp to road, that's the philosophy of the Indian Designer Shravan Kumar, constantly engaged in creative dialogue, for example suggesting a colour palette for client's outfit or observing the progress on the embroidery work. His work this season consists of trying to provide jewellery to stores like Top Shop and other big brands in Barcelona and Madrid. "It's such a hectic time for all of us here at the studio...last season was all about oriental influences and neoclassic while this year, it is old school-hidden treasure elements, old clocks,..." said the designer. The artisans are busy creating works with an antique look to it. For example, a Victorian key encrusted with Swaroski crystals has a traling line of Hyderabadi pearls. The designer ensures that his inspiration is reflected on each piece of work. He explains, "Indian influence is huge this season. I am essentially a Hyderabadi and each piece, no matter how Western has distinct Hyderabadi and Indian influence to it. For example, I have mixed Japanese Swaroski with zadorsi work and pearls - and the end product is very Western with a running Indian influence in it". He also explained that his work is greatly influenced by the art of Raja Ravi Varma: "I use his paintings as my colour board and keep coming back to it time and again for inspiration". He is also influenced by the Nawals of Hyderabad in his work. Shravan Kumar is the go-to couturier when it comes to traditional weddings. Shravan has designed the trousseau of a lot of stars for their wedding. However, the designer doesn't consider himself to be an "elitist": "I do cater to a lot of popular clients. But I firmly believe that the day I see my design on the street, I've succeded in making a mark. From ramp to the road - that's what I believe in. Even at their most feminine, my clothes are not precious, but wearable", he has said. For the designer, fashion is all about wearability, he would love to see people clad in his creations, on the ramp or on the streets. He also affirms: "There are people who flaunt their influential client list, but what makes me happy is when my client looks gorgeous and gets compliments galore". He recently showcased his line titled "Weaves of Andhra Pradesh". He is pround of what he managed to achieve through his line. He explained that he used traditional Andhra weaves and mixed them with international design aesthetics in his recent show. Popular Indian designers picked up loads of fabric from the state which benefited a lot of his weavers. He adds, "Now I would like the international couturiers to grab them too". The designer also recently showcased a line titled "Zamindars of Andhra Pradesh" - his aim was to showcase the line through the kalidescope of cinema. Shriya Saran, Kana Daggubati, Karthika and Trisha who walked the ramp for him, like his line. He said: "It's a throwback to the times when we watched black and white films that dealt with the Jamindar system. The actors just showcased that aspect of the line". _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Collections at Strand of Silk

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