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The Bikini Boys

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Indian Fashion designers Shivan and Naresh
The Bikini Boys
24 th Jun 2011

It was in 2010 that the Swimwear Association of Florida (SFA) first approached designer duo Shivan & Narresh to be part of their annual SwimShow in Miami. With over 2,000 buyers representing about a 1,000 stores from the US and 46 other countries, the SwimShow is the biggest event of its kind. Naturally, the young Indian duo was flattered, especially since they had only just launched their label in March. “We got coverage in the press, which the Association saw and they asked us if we would participate. But we thought it would be better to focus on the domestic market first,” says Narresh Kukreja. Domestic reviews for their collections have been consistently flattering — their designs are a unique mix of futuristic fashion and Riviera cool. Exaggerated shoulders are paired with knotted 1920s turbans and art deco jewellery: the effect is sleek and elegant. So it isn’t surprising that the SFA called again this year, inviting Kukreja and his partner Shivan Bhatiya to participate in the SwimShow in July. “We might have been invited partly because India is such an unexpected place to get swimwear. People expect something more exotic from here,” says Kukreja, “Also, fashion is looking for newer markets in Asian countries. This is one step towards that.”

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