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Shilpa Reddy at the Eiffel Tower for the J-Autumn Show

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Shilpa Reddy at the Eiffel Tower for the J-Autumn Show
Shilpa Reddy at the Eiffel Tower for the J-Autumn Show
19 th Nov 2014

Fashion Show Coordinator and model Jessica Minh Anh used one of the seven wonders of the world- the Eiffel Tower to turn it into a 150-meter long runway for the fashion 2014 J Autumn Fashion Extravaganza on the 31st of October.

At this fashion showcase over 100 upscale and haute couture outfits from Asia, America and Europe were displayed. Brands that participated in this fashion show included culture and traditional techniques with a fusion of modern design that resulted in innovative couture pieces.

Fashion brand Debaj from Qatar, Hoang Hai a Vietnamese fashion designer, mother daughter duo from Bahrain Hayaa Al Fadhel and Nabila Al Aissaoui, designer Omaymah Azzouz from Saudi Arabia and designer Shilpa Reddy from India showcased their beautiful dresses at this fashion show.

Shilpa Reddy was the only Indian designer who was invited to participate in the fashion show and showcase her stunning pieces. For the designer, it was a dream to showcase her designs in one of the Seven Wonders of the World and to open up to an audience internationally. For her fashion show, Shilpa Reddy decided to be in sync with the rest of the show giving traditional fabrics from different regions a contemporary edge.

The designer chose the malkha fabric that is hand-woven and primarily for summer wear but she double lined the fabric so that it is compatible for autumn as the fabric can also be surprisingly warm. Shilpa put together 16 outfits for the show comprising of a skirt, bolero jacket and top, long trailing jackets and palazzo pants. Some of her looks have many layers and all the silhouettes were well structured.

This collection also incorporated sensibilities of an international audience by using fabrics that were vegetable dyed in black, indigo, maroon and copper, mustard and Indian gold embroidery.

Shilpa Reddy’s collection was definitely stunning and Jessica Minh Anh also asked Shilpa Reddy if she could wear one of her outfits to Manish Arora’s fashion show at Paris Fashion week!

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