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70's Muses for Indian Designers

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Ali Macgraw - Indian Designer
70's Muses for Indian Designers
19 th Jul 2014

Shehla Khan’s collection for the Lakme Fashion Week 2014 draws inspiration from the 70s celebrity, Ali Macgraw.

"My inspiration came from the actress Ali Macgraw, a typical American girl with a young and free spirit who suddenly hit super stardom overnight with her films and marriage to Steve McQueen. Her original style turned her into a fashion icon overnight with every girl wanting to look like her in the early 70s. Derived from my image of her, I've created this collection which is easy to wear, classic, hip but with a twist and over and above everything... glamorous!” The fashion designer says.

Each piece is the essence of sophisticated elegance and glamour with the designer's feminine aesthetic. Shehla has departed from her soft pastel colours and has started to use deeper and richer colours that capture the mood of the season.

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