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Shashidhar Meher Expresses Thoughts on Future for Textile Designers

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Shashidhar Meher Expresses Thoughts On Textile Indian Fashion Designers
Shashidhar Meher Expresses Thoughts on Future for Textile Designers
23 rd Apr 2014

Shashidhar Meher from Khuntpali village is a 77-year-old textile designer famous for sarees. Beginning his career as a junior manufacturer, today he now serves as an advisor in the design cell of SBCSL.

Meher has created over 2000 designs for sarees, towels, bed sheets and walls. Of the designs, Purnamasi, Sree Laxmi, Sudarshanee and Matanchal are a few of the popular designs which he wove into yarn.

He was awarded the National Award in 2006 for ‘Bahana’, a saree design highlighting the need for conservation of rare species of animals. Meher has also won a special award from State Government for a tie and dye design.

Following retirement in 1995, he started a training and design centre for weavers and has so far trained over 1000.

He has high hopes for textile designers, “The young weavers are very imaginative and innovative. All they need is devotion, patience and perseverance. To excel in any field, one has to have these three qualities,” he expressed.


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