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Why Disney and Satya Paul Collaborated

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Why Disney and Satya Paul Collaborated | Monopop Collection by Satya Paul and Disney
Why Disney and Satya Paul Collaborated
20 th Dec 2014

One would never imagine that sarees in India would be printed with Disney characters on them. Even strong Disney loyalists would agree that finding Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters or any animated characters for that reason on a saree would be rare. Disney India has recently teamed up with Indian designer label Satya Paul who will soon create a line based on prints with the Disney characters and incorporate them on sarees, tunics, and scarves. These prints will be instantly recognisable. The licensing deal of Disney and Satya Paul is based on a profit sharing scheme and marketing initiatives by both brands.

Disney intends to signify the characters timeless charm that surpasses generation barriers while Satya Paul believes that these prints will further the brand’s core strength of print design.

Vice President of Disney India, Abhishek Maheshwari points out that Disney is a family brand. Children love it when they are young and continue too till they are old and thus isn’t limited to any generation.

Sanjay Kapoor who is the managing director of Genesis Colours, the holding firm of Satya Paul states that the price of this line is also lower than other lines by the brand as it is targeted towards a younger audience and hence they wanted to keep it more affordable. Traditional sarees are given a completely modern twist and this also increases the brands expertise in what they are known for- their unique prints.

Internationally, toys are the focal point of Disney’s consumer product sales but in India, fashion also brings about a huge opportunity as around 40% of consumer products sales is attributed to footwear, kidswear, adult fashion and accessories; out of which adult fashion takes up 20% of these sales. In emerging markets like India, people prefer to spend more of clothes than on toys.

Furthermore, E- Commerce has played a significant role in Disney’s grip of apparel accessories. Children are seen wearing t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts even though the brand sells shorts and chinos. Disney has a good amount of sales in all these product categories.

Disney and Satya Paul’s new line will be available at the flagship Satya Paul stores till February after which the brand will launch their next line!


Sources: Animation Digital Digest

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