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Satya Paul for WWF India

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Satya Paul and WWF join hands for a cause
Satya Paul for WWF India
19 th Apr 2012

Satya Paul and WWF India have come together to create a ‘Do U Speak Green’ organic cotton t-shirt collection for men and women, says a news report in Fibre2Fashion. The collection is called the ‘Jungle Safari’ and is dedicated to the wild and the beautiful animals of the jungle. The t-shirts adorn everything from a tiger’s magnificent roar to a bird’s quiet playfulness. A year ago, Do U Speak Green had introduced vegetable dyed unisex organic cotton t-shirts to celebrate ‘World Environment Day 2011?. This year, the brand has gone a step ahead by creating designer t-shirts for a cause. Jungle Safari tells the story of the forests that are disappearing, affecting the colorful wildlife along with it. The extinction of certain animals need immediate action. Every t-shirt of this collection has a different theme but a common hidden message: Save the Wildlife. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Menswear at Strand of Silk.

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