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Lisa Ray and Satya Paul for a Wedding Collection

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Lisa Ray And Satya Paul For A Wedding Collection
Lisa Ray and Satya Paul for a Wedding Collection
22 nd May 2013

Lisa Ray is going to work with the label Satya Paul in order to create a collection of 10 sarees. Lisa Ray wants to promote the fight against cancer, which she overcame in 2012 after 2 years of treatment. The actress recently posted a tweet showing how interesting will be this edition “Lauching Lisa Ray for Satya Paul on May 23 in Canada. These sarees tell a story with a "sexy and vibrant" side. Reminding people of her life story and above all supporting the image of “victory and love”, these sarees were created for the wedding season. The president of Satya Paul Canada, Tami Esmail, is speaking about an ideal Satya Paul woman “confident and courageous yet feminine and beautiful both inside and out” personified by Lisa Ray. In accordance with her indo-Canadian origin, this limited edition of sarees is available in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Toronto. A part of the sales in Canada will benefit the Molly and David Bloom Chair at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre which cheers on research and development of life-extending treatments for the Multiple Myeloma, the treatable yet incurable cancer Lisa battled.

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