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Sashikant Naidu Pays Homage to Classical Music and Culture

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Sashikant Naidu Pays Homage to Classical Music and Culture - Sashikant Naidu
Sashikant Naidu Pays Homage to Classical Music and Culture
19 th Nov 2014

Over the last few years, trends have been seen pointing to a stunning blend of tradition in textiles used by leading fashion designers and labels. Designers are incorporating culture into their creations and are increasingly using this as inspirations for their collections.

Designer Sashikant Naidu has found his creative influence and style inspirations from classical music and is thrilled to use this as the theme for his designs. He believes that the variation of both fields stirs his imagination and that music is very soothing and can often give someone direction. His latest collection was inspired by how Indian classical music can completely consume his thoughts because of the unique raga and ramp fusion and thus he pays homage to this classical music.

He adds that classical music in all its forms is all about the expressions and emotions of the soul and so are his designs as he uses fashion to express himself through his silhouettes that he designs according to his emotions and thoughts.

As compared to music where sound and swaras are harmoniously mixed together, Sashikant says in the same way he tries to blend natural and hand woven fabrics to make his beautiful pieces. He believes that textiles, painting, prints, dance, colour, architecture and music are all about emotions and the senses that can bring about imagination and spur creativity in the right direction.

Sashikant loves khadi as a fabric and has used it in extensively in this Festive/ Winter 2014 collection that was showcased at Lakme India Fashion week. He uses khadi as he thinks it is a fabric that is versatile and can be a fabric to keep us cool during summer and warm and comfortable in winter.

Sashikant also believes that culture and heritage is seeping its way and beginning to define the way clothes are designed and this can immensely help the local weavers and artisans continue their art and craft.

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