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The Importance Of Indian Fashion Weeks

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The Importance Of Indian Fashion Weeks
15 th Oct 2015

When Rahul Mishra (one of India’s best known exports to international fashion) was offered the chance to take part in a long list of Fashion Weeks across India, he chose only two, Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week (now Amazon India Fashion Week) and Lakme Fashion Week. He explained that he chose these two for simple yet fundamental reasons, publicity from Lakme Fashion Week and business from Amazon India Fashion Week.

This is perhaps why Delhi based designer Sanjay Garg of Raw Mango chose to do the same, after a long self imposed exile from the chaos of fashion weeks, hiding away in his Studio in Chhatarpur. This year, at Amazon India Fashion Week, Garg was the opening designer of the five-day show. However, Garg is a well established designer who has a long list of customers from the A-list down, so one must question why he needs a fashion week?

It’s because a huge event such as Amazon Fashion Week is a quintessential marketing tool for designers such as Sanjay Garg. It brings the fashion industry, complete with designers, retailers and corporate all under one roof and provides a platform quite literally for designers to generate business for their hard worked designs. Essentially fashion weeks are events where designers display their designs 6 months in advance to their release so that buyers and other stakeholders can put in their orders to receive before their release.

With this being said India has had a number of fashion weeks since the beginning of the century, aside from Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week, there has also been fashion weeks in places like Kolkata, Bengaluru and Jaipur as well as a number of other cities. To add on to this there has been as many as 7 fashion weeks in one calendar in India, with most of the business and celeb audience attending Lakme Fashion Week and Amazon India Fashion Week, the next question comes to mind... Do the other fashion weeks have any purpose?

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