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Sanchita Essays a Modern Nomad

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Sanchita Essays a Modern Nomad
Sanchita Essays a Modern Nomad
12 th Oct 2011
Sanchita Ajjampur's collection on Day 2 of the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week was radiant and high on fun quotient. The showcased designs emitted a bohemian's carefree attitude while retaining sartorial sophistication. Designer's motive: Vitality met versatility as confident models took onto the runway in haute beach wear. Temperature soared when bikini clad women walked in attired in playful hues and myriad patterns while Jill Scott's song "Clearly I am not a fat ass" played in the background. One could somewhere gauge the designer's intention of driving this point home that a woman's anatomy deserves to be perceived with utmost respect and not ogled at as a sexual object. She is "not gonna lie or pacify" for she is a woman of an individual mind and free body. Clothing line, style, design: Exploring Japanese style and structure, Namrata wished to streamline her design with couture finishing creating a modernist resort look. Explaining the nuances of her creation, she said, "Fashion is fun when unexpected mix and match of silhouettes, motifs and fabrics conjure an original 'uber' cool style of clothing. My outfits are bling and chic but also carefully varnished in subdued strokes of traditional elegance and sobriety." She believes that fashion is not a heavy commitment but as an artistic engagement that calls for a creative yet relaxed mind. Probably this is the reason why her collection was replete with feather-light tops and dresses designed in whimsical ocean liner motifs of Miami art deco to help set a mood of vacation and celebration. Wild Japanese pottery geometry got experimented with patchworks, silk slices and plasticised textures on the designs. Printed satin georgettes informed luxurious draping in a meeting of the handmade and the technological. Resembling the calm summer breeze, organic kaftans of crinkled muslin promised to comfort the skin with a royal caress. Abstracted animal motifs, blooms and plumes assumed concrete shape in lithe and liquid evening gowns of chiffon that added impetus to the fast-paced collection on display. Bold graphic prints on conical and drop-waist tops, quirky pallu T-shirts, ovoid vests and tees and harem-style lounge pants defined the technological styling of outfits, indicative of an experimenting mind that bid goodbye to conservative sensibility. Colour palette and fabric: Sanchita captured the essence of the global traveller who is on a quest for rare and natural beauty in fabrics ranging from crunchy cotton, paper silk and ultrafine jersey decorated in tints such as watermelon, cherry, root beer, lime,pineapple, ice and blueberry. Pinks, greens and yellows added to the bling and shine factor of the collection that aimed to target that community of wanderers that likes to dress up hassle-free but at the same time are conscious of living upto a certain fashion standard. Accessories: Accessories are no longer peripheral fillers but play an important role in pronouncing the overall splendour of an individual outfit. Sanchita pays special attention to the footwear accompanying her designs that comprised sandals and supple flats in asymmetric shapes with a touch of applique details and sequins for a sparkling look. Gym shoes hand embellished on a tie and dyed base, 12-inch wedges in knitted leathers, ballet shoes in washed canvas rendered a high-shine embossed characteristic to the footwear in revealing a complete and sensual ensemble. The cosmopolitan fashion tour of the 'modern nomad' culminates in high speed and motion.

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