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New Fun Ways to Enlarge Your Work-Wear Wardrobe

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Sanchita Ajjampur - New Fun Ways to Enlarge Your Work-Wear Wardrobe
New Fun Ways to Enlarge Your Work-Wear Wardrobe
23 rd Dec 2014

Women are growing personally and professionally in India and obviously their wardrobes need to follow them!

Indian women have always been dressed in standard trousers or pencil skirts matched with a collar white shirt, but times are changing now. Workwear is being re-defined and the new normal is different. Indian designers nowadays propose new looks for those women that want to distinguish themselves.

For example the label Sanchita, owned by the designer Sanchita Ajjampur, presented as part of the spring/summer 2015 collection new designs for women workwear.

Some solutions that she provided are really interesting: for example wearing a shirt under a dress to go to work and after work just taking off the shirt in order to look chic and elegant. Her new ideas regard also the type of prints that must be chosen like the tribal ones. Moreover combining sportswear features with male designs, can create something sophisticated and trendy.

So goodbye boring stripes and welcome to colours, prints and hues!

Women have to wear work-dresses for the most time of their days, so why do not renovate their look, as for summer collections?

If mermaid dresses and slim blazers are not for you, playing with accessories could be the best solution. Indeed Anita Dongre always suggests to experiment new prints and styles in terms of accessories. Thus instead of changing your style, you can just add a funny scarf or a trendy jacket. If you find it too difficult to think about these little particulars before going to work, just leave them in the office and take them out when you need! The best thing is that you can use whatever you want- a scarf, a necklace, a bag, etc.

These suggestions will make you look better and will also enhance your self-confidence. Unfortunately, maybe some of you have a dress code, but don’t worry, you can still make your outfits stylish, just using a leather bag and bright shoes.

Moreover knee length dresses, sexy blazers and high heels are always welcome to make you outstand from the crowd, so don’t worry, just find the style that better fits you and enjoy your new amazing look!


Source: Branded Clothing Indian Blogspot

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