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Hand-paintings Back with a Bang

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Indian Designer Sanchita Ajjampur on hand-paintings
Hand-paintings Back with a Bang
15 th Nov 2011

Hand-painted is all the rage. Whether it is a brooding Ranbir Kapoor on the Rockstar poster or the vintage looking Akshay Kumar in Rowdy Rathore, hand-painted posters are back in vogue. The Rockstar poster, for instance, seems to be inspired by Raj Kapoor’s Awaara of the 50s.

Not only this, other hand-painted items like garments and furniture are also trendy. Our glam set too seems to be excited at the thought of picking up favourites, be it in clothing, furniture or even that hand-painted retro poster. For designer Sanchita Ajjampur, hand-painted retro items are a sensual delight “a big dressing-up box is a collector’s dream and a joyous creative feast for all ages.” Every brushstroke is individualistic and that’s why entrepreneur Anusha Raj is glad this trend is back.

“There is no harm in following past trends especially if you know it is somewhere in our tradition. Just as everything else, even Bollywood posters have come full circle,” she says. Looking at these retro posters takes many down the nostalgia lane. There was a time when art was very much part of Bollywood and helped create a distinct identity for each film. Being an artist, Aamina Shazi likes the raw look of the Rockstar poster and feels it gives more scope in understanding the underlying emotions.

“I think everything is manufactured to perfection these days and a little raw imperfection is good to break the monotony,” she says. Art consultant Essmath Khaleeli feels this trend is perfect for her favourite accessory — the scarf. “Scarves seem to be a perennial must-have in a woman’s wardrobe.

And when they are hand-painted, they become all the more personal.” Hand-painted items are just a throwback to the swinging retro styles. No wonder then they are being welcomed back with open arms.

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