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Fashion Designer Sajid Dhar Gains Respect In The Fashion World

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Indian Fashion Designer Sajid Dhar
Fashion Designer Sajid Dhar Gains Respect In The Fashion World
10 th Apr 2014

Kashmiri fashion designer Sajid Dhar conveys his experience of political instability, fear and chaos through his designs. “Kashmir is and always will be my focus. Whenever I design anything, culture of my motherland automatically comes to my mind and there is lot of pain and agony which we Kashmiris have gone through and I try to give it a shape on my designs to show it to the world,” Dhar expressed.

Dhar has become respected in the fashion industry through his first collection “Bondage”, which was showcased in Bangalore recently. The collection reflects the pain, suffering and aspirations of his people.  “I always thought it is the beauty of Kashmir and my passion for creativity that led me to fashion. I feel violence and tragedy play an important role for artists in developing art,” he said.

Dhar participated in Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Summer/Resort 2014 which is his second fashion contest. “This is the first time I am participating in Lakme Fashion Week and my collections got good responses which were inspired by Kashmir,” Dhar said.

“I had invoked the magical four seasons of Kashmir in my designs, each with its own peculiar allure and distinctive character, which turn the valley into a spellbinding spectacle that holds the viewer in awe,” he added.


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