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Sabyasachi's Art of Portraying

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Indian Fashion Designer of Traditional Indian Clothes Sabyasachi
Sabyasachi's Art of Portraying
10 th Jul 2012

The Indian Designer Sabhyasachi Mukherjee was invited to address a Master Classes of filmmaking students on the designing aspects. Hearing the fashion and costume design legend speak about his work lead for some students to an unstoppable inspiration. He demonstrated how he developped the art of portraying the psychological undercurrent of a character through his costume design : « Let us not sympathise but empathise with the character » , he underligned the importance of dressing non-speaking part actors on the set of the acclaimed movie Black to creating a finite balance on screen between fabric, the weight of the shoes, the colour of lipstick and even the floorboard's tint. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Womenswear at Strand of Silk

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