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Sabyasachi: Sarees Collection

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Indian Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee Sarees Collection
Sabyasachi: Sarees Collection
10 th May 2010

When fashion touches the mother earth in Indian traditional way we call it a Sabyasachi Collection. Sabyasachi the fashion icon of India stands apart for his uniqueness in creating a magic with his ideas of styling and stitching. He got the fashion taste and love for the entire work from his own root Kolkata . His main work originates from the traditional clothes and handwork with patches and sequences. The legacy of fashion is carried on by and will be carried on by this Bengali man all through the fashion industry. He is the perfect man with the creative bend of mind and with the deep sense of intellect. ‘Personalised imperfection of the human hand’is the main mantra of Sabyasachi Mukherjeee. Deserts, gypsies, prostitutes, antique textiles and cultural traditions of his home town, Kolkata. He uses unusual fabrics, texturing and detailing, ‘fusion’ of styles ‘patch-worked’ with gorgeous embellishments in a vibrant eclectic colour palette to make the feeling of going back to the ancient and medieval ages and giving the designs and the women wearing an ethnic look.. He describes his own collections as ‘an International styling with an Indian soul’. He has masters the art of perfection specially for the bride and the Indian traditional dress that is sarees.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Sarees Collection is amazing and stunning. Sabya’s fashion hitherto has been known for dressing up elegantly the bride on the D-day. Amazing saris with the most outstanding embroidery and prints inspired by the handlooms of kolkata and west Bengal are the major works of Sabyasachi. Velvet, silk,organza,brocade,chiffon, and georgette were the basis of the fabulous collection, in myriad muted colours. Sabyasachi Mukherjee Sarees Collection for the bride is about going back to the root and dress up an Indian bride with an Indian feel. Sabyasachi Mukherjee saree collection also speaks of his interesting blend of an old world charm with modernity. Fabulous and interesting designs include frail velvet tops designed with puff sleeves, crochet shifts, rose embroidered saris, crochet shifts, jackets with appliqués with feathered ribbons.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee Saree Collection has the habit of using a range of muted colors like faded orange, lapis lazuli, tea rose, berry, rust and henna with antique floral designs to complement it and gently flow into one another. Amazing sarees with the most exceptional embroidery and prints encouraged by the Patan Patola Sarees of Orissa. Velvet, silk, organza, brocade, chiffon and georgette were the basis of the fabulous collection, in myriad muted colours. Prints were pure unadulterated ethic while fabrics ranged from cotton, silk, chiffon, georgette, brocades to lush velvets which were blended together for different segments of each garment. With the Sabyasachi mukherjee saree collection the saree blouse adds a beauty, and a perfect cut and pattern add a lilttle more grace and eteniticity.. Sabyasachi is famous for his long sleeves off beat saree blouse designs. He mostly creates a choli of the saree with the contrasting color of the saree still holding a common link between the both Sabyasachi mukherjee saree collection is totally different from the other designers for he brings out the modernity and dignity slitt sticking to the rooted tradition. His design has the simplicity yet the depth, texture and colors.

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