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Sabyasachi: 'Inspired by India'

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Sabyasachi: 'Inspired by India'
Sabyasachi: 'Inspired by India'
18 th Apr 2012

World's leading auction house, Sotheby's will host its forthcoming auction named 'Inspired by India,' which will offer exhibition of contemporary Indian designs, photographs, textiles, ceramics, jewelry and furniture from May 8–15, 2012 in London. The showcase-cum-auction will feature established designers such as Alice Cicolini, Rahul Kumar and Sabyasachi Mukherjee. The event also features up-and-coming artists like Els Woldhek and Pia Wustenberg, all of whom have been inspired by the culture, colors and crafts of India. The exhibition is curated by taste maker Janice Blackburn and designed by Tricia Guild of Designers Guild. On her selection Blackburn says "I visited and travelled extensively in India for many years and am particularly interested in crafts such as weaving, tie-dying, embroidery, enamelling, paper and so on.... It is sad that most of the skills and craft traditions we associate and value in India are dying out and not being passed on to the next generation who prefer to go to the cities. Much of the work is now mass-produced and poor. But there is a new generation of designers who are adapting these traditional skills and using them for well-designed contemporary work. This is what interests me. I have met and worked with several of these designers before. Sabyasachi clearly was someone special. His workmanship is exquisite - all handmade - embroidery, beading," said Blackburn. "He has the finest aesthetic and stays true to his Indian roots. I have followed his progress since he first began designing and am absolutely thrilled he has agreed to exhibit in 'Inspired by India'," she added. Says Sabyasachi Mukherjee on this selection, "I'm feeling happy that I am being recognised for being Indian, primarily for being myself. I have always said that the only way to become global is to have a local soul. And I am really happy that this is being validated time and again in my career." Sabyasachi aspires to grow a 'people tree' enterprise that encompasses Indian tradition, culture and history and converts it into an intellectually and aesthetically aspirational global super brand. Clearly in his selection by Sotheby's London for participation in "Inspired by India" Sabyasachi's vision enjoys validation. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Collections at Strand of Silk.

Image source: rediff

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