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Sabyasachi as an Engineer ?

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Indian Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee Interview Father
Sabyasachi as an Engineer ?
07 th May 2011

In class 6 he said he wanted to be a designer, in class 10 he refused to study for engineering and by class 12, he'd made his first sari, says Sabyasachi's father Shukumar Mukherjee. For a name like Sabyasachi Mukherjee, who has become a trousseau staple in the country and a fave with many Bollywood actors, it comes as a wee bit of a surprise when you learn his future once lay in the realm of engineering. After Sabya's grand finale show at the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW) on Sunday, we caught up with his parents Shukumar and Sandhya Mukherjee, who were making their way to the hotel from the venue, and it's then that they told us that they had always wanted him to become an engineer. But that was not to be, said Shukumar, adding, "I wanted him to become an engineer, but he refused to be party to the idea and quarreled with me. He was in class 6 when he told us that he wanted to become a designer and we thought that the idea would go away with time. But it didn't. In class 10, he refused to study for engineering. He was very much awed by designer Rohit Khosla and told us that he's decided that fashion design is what he wants to do. At that time, NIFT hadn't even opened in Kolkata." And then, when he got the right opportunities, says Sandhya, he just plunged into his work. Sabyasachi always says he's inspired by his mother, who is also an artist, but Sandhya says that her son "has worked very hard for every bit of what he has achieved today." But, ask his father what he feels about his son's achievements and his association with top B-towners, and he simply says, "Relaxed. I feel relaxed about him and what he has achieved. I see him also being more relaxed now than before. He has proven himself." But that exercise in proving himself has taken a lot of convincing on Sabya's part, Shukumar admits. Sabya, in fact, made his first sari for his mother much before he'd joined college also, and after that it's been a completely roller coaster ride. His sister Payal manages his entire business today, says Shukumar, but now that she's getting married in May, Sabya's has worked out a solution for his business management also. Says Shukumar, "He always kept telling me that he cannot let Payal go away. She's now getting married to someone in Kolkata only, so that she can still keep managing all the work for him. Sabya's very happy with the idea." _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Shop Indian Designer Sarees at Strand of Silk.

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