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The Fifth Season of Band Baajaa Bride is Finally Out

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The Fifth Season of Band Baajaa Bride is Finally Out | Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee
The Fifth Season of Band Baajaa Bride is Finally Out
03 rd Dec 2014

The 21st of November was the premier of the famous and praised television show: Band Baajaa Bride. Ms. Singh, Channel Head of NDTV Good Times, announced that the new season is finally ready and will be telecasted every Friday at 10pm (India time). She said that the filming of the show was fun and full of positive feedbacks from families, fiancés and friends involved in each episode.

One of the episodes of the show is centred on makeovers for brides and training for the wedding. The process of filming this is credited to the outstanding skills of the designer and fashion guru Sabyasachi Mukherjee, accompanied by Frieshia Bomanbehram and the fascinating Bharat Arora. The big difference this season is that the groom will receive special treatment as well, a treatment that was until now was reserved just for the bride.

The team moved around the country from New Delhi, passing through Mumbai and Kolkata, and arriving to Goa. The Jodi Special, this is the name for the new version of the show, will be focused on the complete makeover for thirteen couples from head to toe, incorporating lessons on style and accessories, hair treatments, dental care and skin therapies.

Moreover, as usual, Sabayasachi will involve traditional and high-skilled artisans and painters to create the outfits for the Jodi, thus as he said, the groom will not feel cut off from the special treatment provided by the show.

The purpose is always the same: to emphasise the concepts of love and marriage, but thanks to the new protagonists, it is also a good example of the trends and the new lifestyles typical of young couples across India.

The team declared that the show will not betray the expectations of even the most romantic spectators and we can’t wait to start watching this!

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