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Rohit-Rahul's Luxurious Designs

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Indian Designers - Rahul Khanna Rohit Gandhi
Rohit-Rahul's Luxurious Designs
10 th Apr 2011
Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna showcased a ravishing look which was inspired by the ergonomic structures seen around, they portrayed a luxurious image through the collection. Witnessing the most amazing palette of fabrics, mediums and colours, the viewers stood mesmerised throughout the show. There was a superior sense of linear geometry, the lines were aligned in various forms vertically, horizontally and diagonal yet forming a different perspective. Crosshatching patches were amazingly placed on grey felts. In terms of mediums, a great mix of see-through surfaces and opaque was noticed. The two mediums were combined together in a parallel manner and also one-on-one superimposed patterns. The lacey fabric looked chic-ly feminine. The colours demanded attention - there were greys, blacks, burnt oranges, camels, off whites and patched purples. There was always a contrast statement on black and white in the form of purples and blues. The elements included laser cut surfaces looking opulent, interlined with neutral woolen bases. Felts were patched onto softer mediums. Knitted fringes hanged in larger than life forms. Lapels were brilliantly evident on shorter and longer bodies, asymmetrically tied broad belts in browns and blues - all this added another feature to the luxurious glory.

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