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Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna Open their New Flagship Store in Delhi

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Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna Open their New Flagship Store in Delhi | Designer Duo Gandhi and Khanna posing at their factory in Noida
Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna Open their New Flagship Store in Delhi
25 th Dec 2014

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna constitute a duo that have been working together for 17 years now. Their adventure started after a London trip that astonished them with concept store ideas. When they came back to India they immediately opened a store called H20 to sell t-shirts, that is now a well-known brand for western style amateurs.

During the years they developed two new brands: the first one is Cue, their womenswear prêt label, and the second one is called Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna and is the youngest.

The old store is now closed and they set up a new space in Defence Colony, Delhi, that the designers have just opened. It is bigger and is an attempt to merge together the three labels, in order to permit both women and men to shop in the same place. From 15 years ago, when women were buying clothes also for men. As times have now changed and men are becoming everyday style seekers.

The location is beautiful and reflects the two designers’ taste: minimalistic and simple, with mannequins’ heads made of flowers bouquets. The collections cover a wide range of different products: from t-shirts, cocktail jackets and simple sherwanis, to elegant dresses, tops and gowns. Clean cuts and chic pieces are just some of the peculiarities of their new collections. The prices fluctuate from RS 3,250 to Rs 75,000.

What characterises this duo is also their low profile behaviour. For example, they decided not to participate in the fashion weeks in Delhi for the last two seasons. They concentrated instead in increasing their reputation internationally, showcasing in New York, Paris and Shanghai. For this purpose they also engaged an agent in New York who is allowing them to sell their products in 75 stores abroad.

Moreover they spent this last year to create a new Indian collection and plan to open another store in Mumbai.

After the exhibition in Raiput the designers evaluated if it could be a good idea to open new stores in Tier-II and Tier-III cities, because of the high amount of garments sold in just one day; but the lack of infrastructure and labour is a really high barrier to overcome. In Gandhi’s opinion the Fashion Design council must put some effort in order to solve this problem and permit these cities to exploit their high potential.

However for now this market can be satisfied by the online channel through which they are now selling the Indian collection, which reflects their western taste. Above this they are working on a sarees line. Unfortunately it seems that this will remain a parenthesis, because the duo is not interested in bridal wear finding it very boring!

Well, never say never: indeed they were bored also by the fashion industry and its events, but despite this they are designing the new Autumn-Winter 2015 collection and plan to showcase it at the next Delhi fashion week. Looking forward to this unique and outstanding designer team and what they have in store for us!

Source: The Hindu

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