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Rohit Bal wants to dress Riya Sen

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Indian Fashion Designer Rohit Bal wants to dress Riya Sen
Rohit Bal wants to dress Riya Sen
20 th Aug 2012
Well-known designer Rohit Bal, known for his signature peacock and lotus motifs, wishes to dress up Riya Sen whom he describes as "the most beautiful face". "Riya has not got her due credit in the film industry. But she has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. She is a typical Bengali beauty. I would love to dress her up," Bal told IANS at an event. However, he considers Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor as the best dressed person in the country. He was in Kolkata to inaugurate Veda, his signature restaurant at Park Street. The eatery specialises in North West Frontier and Mughlai cuisines and he summed up the fine dining experience there as "opulent" and "decadent". ____________________________________________________________________________________________________Shop Indian Fashion at Strand of Silk

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