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Rohit Bal: Interior Design - "Veda"

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Indian Designer Rohit Bal Designs Restaurant Veda
Rohit Bal: Interior Design - "Veda"
10 th Aug 2012
“VEDA” a classic restaurant designed by dazzling Indian designer Rohit Bal, was recently opened in Kolkata. The idea of the designer in terms of the restaurant is encapsulated in these words: centred on fantasy, traditions, history and folklore adding a visual enjoyment to the dining experience. Indian Fashion Designer Rohit Bal´s designs are characterised by intelligence, flexibility, imagination and innovation having a real understanding and decent experience within the the fashion space. The offer of the restaurant basically includes Indian cuisine with sophisticated and rich flavours and a huge variety of tastes regarding the Indian subcontinent. Every dish is a unique commitment that Veda makes to its guests. Creating a baroque and even royal ambience of India, the restaurant assure a premium class cuisine at its best. _____________________________________________________________________________Shop Indian Clothing at Strand of Silk

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