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Rohit Bal the Designer of all Trades

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Rohit Bal the Designer of all Trades | Rohit Ball Bridal Fashion Week Runway Show Set Design
Rohit Bal the Designer of all Trades
23 rd Mar 2015

In over a year, Rohit Bal’s Luxury Weddings and Events company, in partnership with Delhi-based J&S Events, has created a number of spectacular stories, often in relation to his glittery and lavish ensembles that are brought together with magical smoke in his catwalk shows.

This, however, isn’t the first time when the designer has experimented in something other than fashion design. He has also dabbled in the field of interior design, jewellery design and even restaurants. He has also collaborated with well known beauty brand Lancôme, to generate a unique bridal make-up range, as-well-as a collaboration with Denmark-based EGE to design a lavish carpet collection and a collaboration with the one and only Christian Louboutin.

The big question is whether these happenings have actually aided in designing peoples dream weddings. Rohit Bal has stated: “to put it simply, design is design, whether it’s creating a setting for my show or for somebody’s wedding”

The essentials and aesthetics, according to Rohit Bal, remain the same throughout his create process for all this endeavours.

Transformation in all forms, it seems, is close to the designer’s heart. Rohit Bal travels all across the globe, hand selecting elements to interpret his sketches into magnificent designs: leading a team of 25-30 people, including floral designers, furniture makers, lighting specialists and event organisers, Bal is always involved with each step along the way.

“I oversee everything from designing a set, executing the layout, all the way up to the final touches,” he says.

Apart from these elements, there are also a variety of people taking care of sewing, polishing mirrors, cutting intricate crystals and arranging flower displays. On a main event day, there can be up to 600 people working together. This frenzy matches the huge and exciting build-up that his fashion and catwalk shows always have.

Source: Daily Mail

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