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Designer Rohit Bal won't collaborate with Bollywood

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Indian Fashion Designer Rohit Bal won't collaborate with Bollywood
Designer Rohit Bal won't collaborate with Bollywood
14 th Jul 2013

Rohit Bal does not designs for Bollywood movies but for Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. From Naomi Campbell to Amitabh Bachchan on the red carpet of Cannes, the designer proves his creativity.

The first reason why Rohit Bal does not design for movies is that he does not have enough time to follow up, “I do a lot of clothes for film stars for red carpets and other events such as magazine shoots. Also, on a personal level, they love my shows, but I stay away from films because I can’t follow the schedule”, he said. Secondly, the designer’s clothes are "too expensive for films".

And Rohit Bal definitely won’t design for movies. He added "I have nothing against Bollywood and the individuals associated with the industry, but in totality I just find it (movie styling) very stressful. Bollywood stars are very stressful and I personally can’t deal with their tantrums. […] Costume designers in Hollywood are not mainstream designers, they are costume designers. However in India, a Bollywood designer is also a mainstream designer. So, this is a unique and positive thing because you are mixing two different cultures. It is incredible for the growth of the industry because Bollywood by far has the strongest influence on the fashion industry and vice versa."

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