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Ritu Kumar: Revive Handspun to Win the World

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Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Kumar: Revive handspun to win the world
Ritu Kumar: Revive Handspun to Win the World
12 th Mar 2013

The First Lady of Indian fashion, Ritu Kumar, said that textiles, like spirituality and music are connected to Indian culture. "We felt uncomfortable at the thought that Zaras would dress all women in black. So 20 years ago we set up our London store to project not the classical sari but very much an Indian fashion story. And it became a secular entity in its creativity and usage, giving our textiles new consumers and India a standing of its own." Bangkok clones clothes worn in Paris but we don't think "What'll they wear in Paris this summer" but "How hot will we be this summer." "Jeans are here to stay but teaming up with kurtis is both traditional and sexciting." And sari is seeing a revival today. "Patrons of sari number in millions today. There's at least one in every wardrobe, of a very high quality and design. And, due to economic independence, women own more saris than their mothers or grandmas." But what's spoiling it are the synthetic yarns that go into their making. "Handspun yarn is the bedrock of Indian fabric and we need to revive that," Ritu is firm.

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