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Ritu Kumar: Indian is an Unusual Market

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Ritu Kumar: Indian is an Unusual Market
Ritu Kumar: Indian is an Unusual Market
01 st Aug 2011

Veteran designer Ritu Kumar is popular for her ethnic designs. The fashion guru is now busy juggling between her upcoming collections and writing her second book. However, Ritu is happy to add that designer wear retail business has not hampered as much as expected due to the influx of high street brands in India. Ritu feels Indian aesthetics are something that every Indian designer should take on global platform and cash in on. “Our Indian craft is very well received in the world, so we should ensure that it is well offered. It can be well blended with the modern styling and that is what makes it special.” Her first book The Costumes and Textile of Royal India was launched by late Maharani Gayatri devi. She says, “With a collection to do and so many other things I often find it difficult to make time to write but now I am seriously at it.” The designer prefers to do a solo show than participating in the many weeks happening in India. “A solo show is always so much fun and a perfect setting for a couture collection to be launched.”Being in the business now for almost 42 years now, the designer feels that foreign brands are finding it difficult to understand the Indian market scenario, she adds, “India is an unusual market. Therefore when the companies come here with set ideas about Indian markets, they fail. Thus they later overhaul their strategies according our markets in order to survive. India is not like China. Here we have space for everything. Today even cities and towns like Ludhaina, Ranchi etc. have ample buying power and prefer designer wear over high street. So I don’t think good designer wear will suffer in India.”

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