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Indian Fashion Industry Needs To Go Far

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Ritu Kumar - Indian Fashion Industry Needs To Go Far
Indian Fashion Industry Needs To Go Far
02 nd May 2013
According to Ritu Kumar, the Indian fashion industry became more and more important but it still not enough. The Indian fashion pioneer thinks that something has to be done to preserve the nation's rich handloom heritage. "The Indian fashion industry has grown from a non-existent industry to a rich, vibrant one now. There is a revival in indigenous textiles. However, we need to go very far... though the beginning has been made." Amongst India's most successful designers, she is equally concerned about the deprived condition of handloom weavers in the country. "In most crafts, handloom weavers are in a poor condition and not enough attention is being paid to preserve the heritage," the 68-year-old fashion veteran said. Talking about her love for textiles and how difficult it is to present old fabric in a modern way, she said: "I usually keep the original aesthetics in mind while modernising the process."

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