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Ritu Beri calls herself 'First Idiot' of Indian Fashion

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Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Beri - First Idiot of Indian Fashion
Ritu Beri calls herself 'First Idiot' of Indian Fashion
16 th Dec 2012

Indian Fashion Designer Ritu Beri went abroad to use her design sensibilities at a time when the Indian fashion industry was very niche. Ritu Beri, who has been in the fashion business for over 2 decades, calls herself "the first idiot" who got up and followed her dreams in the world of fashion. She admits that the journey hasn't been easy, especially in the west, where people once considered Indians as "great copycats". "Everyone says that I am the first Indian who took fashion abroad, but I think I was the first idiot who got up and said, 'I want to do this'. I have no real map to follow, there was nobody I could actually use as my example. But yes, I was passionate about what I was doing," Beri shared at a forum. "I just believe that in India, because we were new and we were fresh, it was so easy to please everyone. People who watched the glamour, especially fashion shows for the first time, were awestruck. I think the concept of fashion was so new to India (when I began my journey), that it fascinated the audience," she added. Beri became the first Indian designer to present a show in Paris, where she successfully launched her first luxe collection in 1998. Her gradual success led her to be named by Time magazine among the People to Watch in International Business. Beri, now a known name in India and abroad, says she developed cold feet when she knocked the door in the international fashion world. But she was determined. "When I was exposed to the fashion world in Paris, I had cold feet and I was wondering if it would ever be possible for me to make a mark. But I think I am a sucker for challenges and I did that. "I just wanted to be in Paris and wanted to see my collection on runways there. I chased my dream and followed my stars and I was also quite surprised to know that I am right there presenting my first collection in the year 1998," she said.

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