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Rina Dhaka for 'Style And The City'

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Indian Fashion Designer Rina Dhaka for Style And The City | Indian Clothes
Rina Dhaka for 'Style And The City'
18 th May 2013
For few weeks, Rina Dhaka hopped from one city to another exploring their culture, heritage and lifestyle for her travel show. She travelled to cities like Pushkar, Lucknow, Ajmer, Amritsar and Benaras for FOX Traveller's fashion related travel show - "Style And The City". Dhaka told IANS in a telephonic interaction : "I always do extensive research for my collection. I travel, explore local markets, meet weavers, visit historic places, try out local cuisines and try to bring the flavour of a state in my collection. But this time I was travelling for a show. I had limited time. It was fun and challenging,".

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