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For the Contemporary Indian Woman

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Rina Dhaka - Traditional Indian Clothes at India Couture Week 2014
For the Contemporary Indian Woman
26 th Jul 2014

Rina Dhaka's collection at the media preview of the India Couture Week included styles that drew inspiration from techniques from Rajasthan and were on silhouettes that are unique and modern. The designer said, “It was inspired by Rajasthan as far as the technique was concerned. But I have not derived inspiration from the rich heritage of the State. During my visits to Rajasthan, I have been bowled over by the rich architectural heritage and have derived inspiration from the craftsmanship of the bygone era. I used them in previous collections but not this time round”

The designer is known for breaking the mould and for creating styles that stand out. This collection incorporated some beautiful styling, especially meant for the ramp show. The use of the gota patti technique from Rajasthan was interpreted in a unique manner with the designer using the technique on sheer and lace fabrics. And an endorsement from none other than Malaika Arora (who was her showstopper) concluded the fabulous show.

“When I say the contemporary Indian women I do not mean that I was aspiring to reach out only to working women living in metropolitan cities but also housewives. For a designer all are equal – those at workplaces and homemakers. I focussed on detail, lightness, workmanship.” The designer created a romantic mood and look by combining beautiful clothes with selected jewellery that highlighted the traditional designs of the clothes. The structure and cut were however modern and very chic.

“This collection was not a repeat of my previous work. It was a modern elegant collection. But let me clarify that this collection was not for the buyers. It was a media preview and I wanted to release my new look. I was not aiming at buyers.”, added the designer.

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