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Making a Statement

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Indian Designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula Make a Statement
Making a Statement
23 rd Jul 2014

Designers Rimple and Harpreet Narula, showed their latest collection inspired by their travels at the recently concluded India Couture Week 2014.

Rimple says the collection is basically the story of a journey from Nagore to Persia. “It is an eclectic collection epitomising luxury. Though we have drawn inspiration from different lands, we have created our own textures.”

According to other other half, Harpreet “The FDCI organised ‘India Couture Week’ is the country’s biggest platform with the best of fashion to offer on the grandest scale possible. The event strikes a fine balance when it comes to both media as well as actual potential buyers from the world over, thereby giving the participating designers access to not only actual consumers but also to a conduit to a larger audience.”

“As an organisation, the FDCI has single-handedly promoted the Indian fashion industry to the global media and market with a vision of bringing it to a level on par with the international fashion industry. As a body it has brought together the best of the creative talent in the country related to the industry — the best models, choreographers, set designers, stylists, and photographers. With such a strong support base that the FDCI gives the showcasing designers as an intermediary, the upcoming event is surely going to set a benchmark of a global standard and present a great business opportunity to the designers.”, he adds.

“Every designer has his or her own take on fashion and their individual brand philosophies. Some designers make extremely fashion forward glamorous garments while others are more like fashion revivalists, revisiting and reinterpreting age old Indian crafts and techniques, and giving them a contemporary twist for the modern consumer. There is space for all and each has their own specific target audience to cater to. An event like ‘India Couture Week’ is all inclusive giving each participating designer a platform to share their vision.” 

Pic: The Hindu

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