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Ravi Bajaj - Remaining Grounded

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Indian Fashion Designers - Ravi Bajaj - Remaining Grounded
Ravi Bajaj - Remaining Grounded
12 th Jan 2013

When Ravi Bajaj started out as a designer in 1987, India was an economy still on the verge of liberalisation — a time when owning two pairs of shoes was considered more than enough. Since then, the lifestyles and mindsets have changed a lot. “It’s been quite a journey… When I started out, there were very few brands offering ready-to-wear garments. I’ve been fortunate to be classified as a neo-classicist — I rely a lot on technique and solid perception and always keep one foot on the ground. The challenge is to constantly evolve,” says the designer. “It remains more about surface ornamentation, embroidery and tie-and-dye. Desi designers who retail abroad are catering to the Indian diaspora. I don’t think we are selling on Fifth Avenue yet,” he laments. The designer believes that menswear is the fastest growing segment in the Indian Fashion industry. “Men finally feel it’s time to indulge themselves, in fact there are more males shopping in the malls in New Delhi than women,” he adds with a smile.

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