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SS WIFW 2014: a Fashion App for Indian Designers

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Indian Fashion Designers Fashion App WIFW 2014 Rajesh Pratap Singh
SS WIFW 2014: a Fashion App for Indian Designers
21 st Oct 2013

Technology could not be so far from fashion designers in the present day and age. Rajesh and Payal Pratap, Gauri and Nainika, Anupama Dayal, Pia Pauro and many others have recently set up mobile apps, developed on their design concepts and businesses in occasion of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014.

In Rajesh Pratap’s words, "This is a completely non-invasive way of communicating, and I love that. I mean, how many SMSes and 'gentle reminders' do you get in a day, about things you are uninterested in? Also, the Facebook model of promoting a brand is embarrassing for me. I love the idea that if someone has the inclination to know what I am doing, they just have to download the app and we're always in touch. Earlier we used to have and catalogues - wasting paper and money. Then we started crowding timelines with mails. But this is a quiet one-to-one communication between interested parties".

Even though some debates are arising about the copyright issues involved, fashion designers are not particularly worried. As Nainika Karan explained, "The world over, top designers put their fashion shows online. We also have everything on our website. It's the same as that. I think we do need to get out and think beyond all this. Everyone has an iPhone or android phone these days and I think this is a very cool idea, we all use apps for everything, so why not a fash-app?".

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