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Rajesh Pratap Singh's Show

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Contemporary Designer Rajesh Pratap shows at Fashion show
Rajesh Pratap Singh's Show
12 th Apr 2011

What is the last thing you would expect at a glitzy, glam conscious fashion week? Listening to poetry by Jim Morrison! Rajesh Pratap Singh, arguably one of the most talented and infectiously recluse designers, let the musicians have their way, yet again. At the Day 2 of the ongoing Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, Rajesh Pratap Singh, knowingly or unknowingly, let the music do the talking while his collection was received amidst resounding applaud.

The music, which was mixed to the sounds of Jim Morrison, Nirvana, U2 and Radiohead, set the mood for something hauntingly good to happen and Rajesh kept doling out one excellent garment after another. The music, which had a depressing almost romanticised characteristic, contrasted the sharp, rich clothes beautifully.

Rajesh’s collection was contemporary and sharp. He displayed his sartorial excellence in creating fitted and structured anti-fits silhouettes. The use of ikat weaving was predominant in all his garments. He infused texture to his garments with appliqués, 3-dimensional patterns and pleats. He also used pixilated motifs, cubism and sharp broken linearity.

The palette was an amalgamation of uber-sharp greys, blacks and whites infused with shades of red.

Trends alert
Velvet: Velvet made a resounding comeback on the ramp. Rajesh’s long silk velvet coats, which marked the closing of his collection, were a piece of art. Soft edging and contrast lining were consciously given to make the jewel tones of the fabric stand out.

Rose: This season has seen the emergence of rose motif, embroidery, embellishments on the ramp. The rose was central to his collection.

Red: Fiery reds and dull maroons were softly injected in to the garments.

Gold metallic chains: Gold metallic chains were used as accessories around the waist, as neck pieces and bracelets.

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