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Rajesh Pratap Singhs Denim tribute at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week

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Rajesh Pratap Singhs Denim tribute at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week | Catwalk
Rajesh Pratap Singhs Denim tribute at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week
20 th Jan 2015

Expert Indian fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh’s S/S 2015 collection which showcased at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week was mainly focused around the trend of denim. The garments were structured in way that made the pieces look like that of an art form made out of denim.

The collection was titled ‘Blue Blood’, and inevitability showcased the designer’s passion for indigo-coloured raw denim – a traditional dying craft that originated in India. Each clothing item displayed held a unified look; which lead an overall coherence of the complete set. True to Pratap’s personal design attitude, the fundamental heart of the fabric was treasured, but the uniqueness of every piece was left untouched. The environmental aspect of the clothing was openly showcased and discussed, with the use of pure indigo combined with raw denim, which is naturally non-toxic.

Variable weights and styles of denim were used for tops and trousers. Intricate detail was featured individually in each garment. Shirts, tops, trousers, jackets, dungarees, waistcoats and culottes were included in the show. Experimental shapes and styles were shown in the menswear selection. Also displayed was stainless steel merged denim, woven khadi-linen and jacquards with intricate and unique detailing. A variety of embroidery was used through the collection such as appliqué, patchwork, and the brands signature and beloved pintucks.

The collection was also a tribute to employees within the denim industry, named the ‘blue blooded tribe’ to which the pureness of denim is an inheritance and an important legacy within itself. This was additionally strengthened by the point that Pratap seated his own workers at the start to the stage if the runway. Black & white videos showed the detailed procedure of denim constriction shaped an creative and thought provoking backdrop that played on a loop throughout the show, acknowledging the efforts of the workers that  create the art form that is denim.

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