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Rajesh Pratap Singh at WIFW

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Rajesh Pratap Singh at WIFW
Rajesh Pratap Singh at WIFW
10 th Oct 2011
Everybody left the main show area for Rajesh Pratap Singh's open air show and the fact they willingly endured the heat and the mosquitoes is a testament this designer's genius - the collection spectacular. His signature use of modern-meets-traditional designs was evident in the variations of his take on the shirt dress in hot pinks, bright oranges, grays, and metallics cinched at the waist with gold belts, the dhoti pants, and the boxy jackets in ikat, and geometric print handloom textiles from Orissa. The most obvious use of this combination was in the bright pink printed sari that was paired with a light grey leather vest. The pieces were not only well constructed but were all very well stylized and the collection had a perfect balance of minimalist designing with bold colors and prints. The pieces with star, butterfly and firefly prints gave the show just the right amount of fun and whimsy it needed. A lot of times collections look amazing on the runway but aren't very wearable or just don't look that good off the runway but this collection checked both boxes - I think it goes without saying that it was the best of the day.

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