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Rajesh Pratap Singh-Tranoi Paris

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Rajesh Pratap Singh - Rajesh Pratap Singh-Tranoi Paris
Rajesh Pratap Singh-Tranoi Paris
23 rd Jan 2012

As Paris Men’s fashion week comes to a close we went to discover the Rajesh Pratap Singh Autumn/Winter 2013 collection at Tranoi, where all cool things happen. Tranoi; meaning between us, has brought together a selection of designers worldwide to an event with a happening environment. The atmosphere was buzzing with people exploring the new, nicely complimented with warm colours, cool patterns and buzzing lounge music. The collection spanned through a palette indigos and denims, faded, washed and bleached, suited to a man of casually unique styled contemporary man. The richness of craft creatively finished and stitched was the star of the Autumn Winter 2013 collection. We found the collection quite well rounded, taking the casually turned out man from day to night. Hints of a skeletal nature seeped through the collection's story, leaving traces of ethnicity within the atmosphere. Clean and masculine embellishments were scattered throughout shirts, jackets and pants. Bringing together casual garments to a different level of cool and value. The accessories fun yet seriously punk, carved out signature skulls, which bring us back to the Now. Click to see our Skull-eton Shirts embroidered by Rajesh Pratap Singh here and here We are always excited to discover our designers’ innovative techniques and continually evolving signature styles! Discover our journey and get a closer look into what we saw on our facebook page

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