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Rajesh Pratap Singh - Fall 2010

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Designerwear by Rajesh Pratap Singh - Jackets and Dresses - Fall 2010
Rajesh Pratap Singh - Fall 2010
08 th Dec 2010

The elegant and muted Fall 2010 collection from the designer is built around the elements of diaphanous volume and soft sculpture. There are jagged knots and tied up edges with asymmetric wisps. There is a lot of experimentation with basic geometric shapes, triangles, rectangles, raw unfinished kerchief seams. Twisting of classic men's dinner jackets into women's clothing for this Fall is another outstanding feature, along with the use of inner construction details as surface ornamentation. Mix and match of prints, colours and fabric is also prominent throughout the collection, a feature which is know to be the designer's specialty.

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