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Rajesh Pratap Singh: Designer for Chivas Regal

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Indian Fashion Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh Brand Collaboration Chivas Regal
Rajesh Pratap Singh: Designer for Chivas Regal
23 rd Oct 2013

Following the trend of collaborations between Indian fashion designers and the food industry, Rajesh Pratap Singh has recently signed up a collaboration with Chivas Regal India, the scotch whiskey brand, to design a cover for luxury bottles.

The designer edition is inspired from the ancient jaali architecture and presents a Scottish symbol of friendship, the luckenbooth. “At the heart of my limited edition creation for Chivas Regal are the sensibilities of the modern day Indian gentleman whose values are traditional and yet progressive. I have tried to blend the Indian and Scottish heritage in a progressive manner in this new edition that is a celebration in itself," the designer explained in an interview.

The vice-president marketing of Pernod Ricard India is said to be fascinated by the ability of Rajesh Pratap of converting traditional art into contemporary. "This collaboration emphasizes exclusivity and craftsmanship with faultless clean lines, extreme attention to detail and international silhouette - common hallmarks of Rajesh Pratap and a Chivas Regal Limited Edition," he added.

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