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Rajesh Pratap Singh’s Latest Collection

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Indian fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh's latest collection
Rajesh Pratap Singh’s Latest Collection
08 th May 2014

Rajesh Pratap Singh’s latest line was shown at Evoluzione. The collection showed the designer’s affinity to the ‘Ikat’ weave technique, featuring black and white designs of polka dots, rings and diamonds, matched with geometric patterns with a hint of red.

The designer’s signature style draws on Indian tradition whilst simplifying these age-old motifs and providing clean silhouettes that appeal to an international audience. The designer has had various collaborations with Indian fabric mills. He experiments with the creation of his outfits through the use of high tech as well as intensive manpower for the handloom weaves.

The design of his line was probably influenced by Rajasthani culture.

The latest collection presents a mix of shapes using diverse weaves and classic outfits in silks and cotton, as well as garments with stitch detailing, piping and satin trim.

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