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Pratap & Pillai - IndiGo's Look

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Pratap & Pillai - IndiGo's Look
11 th Dec 2010

Globally established fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, and stylist Ambika Pillai, have partnered to give IndiGo, India’s largest low-fare carrier, a chic, new look. The cabin crew of India’s coolest airline is all set to don an international look with their deep blue tunic and IndiGo blue hats!

The well-styled, clean cut tunic has been designed by none other than Rajesh Pratap Singh, who has given Indian designs the perfect international touch, making his clothing line one of the most popular ones in the fashion fraternity today. Somewhere between a tennis and a shirt dress, the tunic is bi-colour … navy with a highlight of indigo on the belt. Functional and timeless elegance, the new uniform is "No nonsense" in line with the spirit of the airline.

Literally, to top it all is the use of a hat for the very first time in India. It’s an IndiGo blue hat with the IndiGo cabin crew wings proudly displayed on it.

Subtle style and graphic elements have been used. Style lines have been used keeping in mind comfort and stretch for the ease of movement. Various technical functional requirements of the in-flight environment have been incorporated.

Before Rajesh Pratap embarked on creating this masterpiece, design inputs were taken from in-flight crew and senior management to create a single piece garment to address the identified "on the job" requirements. No multiple layers. A single garment, light and easy.

Delighted with the final product, Rajesh Pratap Singh said, “"It has been a pleasure working with a super professional organization such as IndiGo. We have tried to give our best keeping the requirements and the spirit of the airline in mind. “ He added, “One thing I can say with experience - they really take their motto ‘On-Time is a Wonderful Thing’ seriously! I sincerely hope Team IndiGo enjoys their new uniform.”

Once the uniform was ready, celebrity hair and makeup artist Ambika Pillai who has groomed models, Bollywood celebrities, fashion designers et al, and has won multiple awards for her commendable achievements was brought in to give the crew a new global look that reflected new India and its global aspirations. Ambika translated the look of the models featured in the recent IndiGo TV commercial made by Weiden+Kennedy onto the flight attendants.

Ambika Pillai has broken ground this time by coming up with a standard and unique IndiGo look for all the girls with a set short hair style. This is a pioneering effort that has never been done before in keeping with the high standards that IndiGo has set since its inception four years ago. The makeup is a beautiful pink and brick red color on the lips and nails makes a remarkable statement and the eyes are nude with a pull out liner, thus creating an entirely new look for the IndiGo cabin crew.

Ambika Pillai has had a long-standing association with IndiGo since she was involved in creating the original look as well at the launch of IndiGo four years ago. Commenting on her association with IndiGo, she said “It is always such fun to work with the IndiGo team. I am so happy to be back! IndiGo is known for its consistency and professionalism but they are always open to new ideas. This new look truly global.”

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