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Pratap: Designers are Tailors

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Jacket by Rajesh Pratap Singh - the Indian Contemporary Designer
Pratap: Designers are Tailors
11 th Dec 2010
Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh's show at the 15th Wills India Fashion Week grand finale was high on fashion and less on drama. The media-shy designer, who unlike other designers relies purely on his creativity to impress the fashion audience, put less emphasis on the themes to make a statement. "Theme and inspiration are words used as marketing tools. Designers are basically tailors and my show was all about the clothes," said Singh. His show, named 'Us and Them', was not so much a grandiose affair as it was a representation of what the fashion industry means to people outside. "The show was named 'Us and Them' because it was about people in our industry and people like you who look at it from outside," said Singh. The models walked down the ramp wearing jackets and dresses mostly in black with some blue and red thrown in. A red & black trench coat and a reversible royal blue & black caught the eye of the audience.

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