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Indian Designer Rajesh Pratap Singh at Fashion Show WIlls India Fashion Week
09 th Apr 2011
Rajesh Pratap Singh's collection this Autumn/Winter Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week presented an edgy approach to modern lines of construction. The metallic tree-like installations were a value-added feature to the show and went well with the look. Using experimental shapes, he took an outwardly approach towards existing mediums. He is known for reaching out to the unimaginable parameters. The silhouettes revolved around being body hugging to structured anti-fits. There was a new metallic ikkat pattern derived by his prodigious self. The rose remained the centre of attraction for most of the mediums. There were appliques, pleated surfaces and structural 3D patterns. The appliques varied from florals to linear geometry and broken lines patched with mastered techniques. There was clearly a pixelated pictorial direction reaching out to floral images. Colours like red and white were also sprinkled in floral formats. The palette was a mixture of uber-structural greys, blacks and whites. The other palette had navy, purple and electric blue splurged onto velvet. The bodies in velvets had lengthy hemlines reaching out to the ankles. The collection was complimented with gold metallic chains and three-dimensional floral structures as necklines. Another breathtaking piece was the leggings that shiny crystals and stones lit up on a glossy black ramp.

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