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Karthikeyan wears Rajesh Pratap

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Narain Karthikeyan's Wedding Outfit was Rajesh Pratap
Karthikeyan wears Rajesh Pratap
14 th Oct 2011
As surprised as we were with his presence at the fashion do, it was a double delight to know that unlike many other sportsmen, Narain confessed to following fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. In fact, the racer told us that six years ago when he got married to Pavarna in 2004, his wedding outfit had been designed by Rajesh Pratap Singh. No wonder then, that we met him at Rajesh Pratap's party. While talking to us about attending the fashion week, he said, "Our sport is so much into fashion, so it's natural that we also tend to follow it. Also, in the last few years, there have been brand associations and I've been introduced to these things. But, I'm not here for any brand today. I am here for friends. I had practice in Japan today, so when I came back to Delhi, I thought of coming here." And even though Narain is not based in the city, he does have his favourites among the designers here. He told us, "Obviously I know Rajesh Pratap Singh and then Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna. Since my aunt Rajshree Pathy knows a lot of people here, we keep meeting them with her whenever we come to the capital." The conversation soon shifted to Narain's wardrobe, but he let Pavarna do the talking this time. She told us, "I think he is very comfortable in his casual wear - jeans and tees - because most of the time he is in his race suits anyway." Which by the way, are very expensive, as Narain told us. "I have a lot of fashionable race suits though. Each one of them costs roughly `1.5 lakh, but thankfully it's all sponsored. I get about 20 of those a year since they are all fireproof, and have a shelf life."

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