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Supporting Communities in Rajasthan

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Indian Designer Raghvendra Rathore - A designer with heart
Supporting Communities in Rajasthan
31 st Jul 2014

“Non-resident Indian customers of mine do not want heavy stuff for either the groom or the bride. A dress has to be benign looking and look good even 20 years down the line when the couple want to flip through pictures of their wedding day. People make embarrassing requests to do heavily embroidered stuff but I refrain from such work. I can never entertain this thought because I make dresses not curtains. Embroidery has to be done sensibly.”, says Raghvendra Rathore. The designer's latest collection at the India Bridal Fashion Week is to feature embroidered designs, but "it will not be overdone" in his words.

Specifically, the designer is to present a range of dhoti's and narrate a story through the garment. “While presenting the dhoti, we would be narrating a story. We will be giving five or six different varieties of dhotis.” 

“Definitely, I will be presenting embroidered outfits at the India Bridal Fashion Week but not disproportionately. Many tricks of the trade are known to a designer to reduce the cost of an outfit. I do not want parents to waste their hard earned wealth on outfits which are unnecessarily heavily embroidered. Embroidery on the front of an outfit is okay, but why on the back?” he argues. 

The designer also supports an NGO called the Sambhall Trust, through which the designer gets his fabrics worked upon. The NGO creates livelihood opportunities for the karigars and the workers. Raghvendra Rathore, hailing from Rajasthan, has a keen interest in improving the lives of the marganalised communities. The designer does his part through the NGO and also has an interest in supporting the arts from the state.

Pic: Vogue

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