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100 Princely Looks inspired Fawad’s look in ‘Khoobsurat’

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Indian Designer Raghavendra Rathore designs Fawads look in Khoobsurat
100 Princely Looks inspired Fawad’s look in ‘Khoobsurat’
27 th Jul 2014

Raghvendra Rathore has designed the looks for the up-coming remake of the 1980's movie titled Khoobsurat. The designer says that he put in a lot of hard work behind the looks for actor Fawad Khan.

We created profiles of 100 princes and combined details from all the looks for Fawad’s character of Vikram Rathore in the film,” Rathore said. The designer mentions that initially the actor was not entirely convinced of the looks that were put together. But, “I worked on Fawad’s look. He had some reservations initially but once he believed I had the potential to put it together he was more open and in the end he really liked the look”.

The movie also stars Sonam Kapoor and compliments her on her styling knowledge. “With Sonam and Rhea, it feels like working with the masters of the craft. They are really good in their designs. It was a wonderful experience, in fact working with Fawad was also lovely as he is a very humble man, who does his work and then quietly disappears,” Rathore said.

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