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My Muse Is Sexy: Raakesh Agarvwal

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Indian Designer Raakesh Agarwal Couture Week
My Muse Is Sexy: Raakesh Agarvwal
25 th Jul 2010

Designer Raakesh Agarwal is all set to turn up the heat at Couture Week today. “My collection is very sexy, very glam, very red carpet and very couture,” he says. “There are lots of dresses, jackets, sarees and gowns.” Ask Raakesh what he makes of the term ‘couture’, and he shoots, “It’s the highest end of fashion, custom-made to one’s needs, measurements and proportions....very luxurious. My couture is for the woman who understands the de rigueur concept and dresses to accentuate her accomplishments rather than just look pretty.”

Having dressed several of Bollywood’s leading sirens like Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone and Lara Dutta among others, one wonders how Raakesh Agarwal handles the tantrums of the stars. “Well, I have never ever worked on a Bollywood project but worked a lot with big stars and stylists. I think they are very easy to work with; also, I think today’s world is about specialisation. So if your job is to create fab clothes and style well, everybody else just respects that and gives me the space to work well — and Bollywood is no exception to that.”

In an industry that constantly sees new fashion upstarts every month, which does Raakesh think plays a greater role in the fashion world today — true talent or savvy marketing? “In today’s world, if you want your label to be successful, you cannot do away with just one — there has to be a fine balance. True talent helps you bring fabulous design on board but without marketing it well, great designs may not see the light of day.” As for a muse, Raakesh Agarwal enjoys a variety. “Yes, I have a lot of muses, from Kylie Minogue to Beyonce to Lara Dutta and Deepika Padukone to supermodels like Carol (Gracias). She has to be sexy, glamorous, confident, feminine and successful in whatever she does,” he ends.

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