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Pria Kataria Puri Set for Lakme Fashion Week 2013

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Indian Fashion Designer Pria Kataria Puri to Showcase at Lakme Fashion Week
Pria Kataria Puri Set for Lakme Fashion Week 2013
13 th Aug 2013

Having recently celebrated her sixteenth year in the Indian fashion industry, veteran designer Pria Kataria Puri has revealed that she will be showcasing at the country's biggest event, the Lakme Fashion Week.

Named 'Fast and Curious', the collection 'is hugely inspired by and targeted for the women and men who literally run the world. They work hard, but play harder,' says the designer.

Puri's style is ever-changing, although some elements don't change: "I'm always experimenting with different looks. For the most part, I’m drawn to feminine, glamorous, luxurious and classic motifs."

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