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Pria Kataria collection in Kuwait!

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Indian Designer Pria Kataria Puri Kuwait
Pria Kataria collection in Kuwait!
21 st May 2012

Pria Kataria Puri recently showcased her summer resort wear, The Diffusion Collection, at a Kuwait fashion showcase on May 15th. The collection represents the Kuwait Fashion scene aptly with the use of bold colors, prints and embroidery. She’s known for her ‘Occidental Couture’, a mix of the oriental and western ideas that enhance the mystique of the female form. Being inspired by the gypsies and Egyptian extravagance, her recent collection brings this forth aptly. She is also known to be quite a ‘wild child’ in the fashion scene. Her recent collection features gowns, dresses and majorly kaftans. Her new collection might not be the best suited for the Indian market that prefers lighter colors and not such bold prints, but to be fair she was targeting the Kuwait scene.

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